QuietRock vs Double Drywall

QuietRock vs Double Drywall: Which is good?

Choosing between QuietRock vs double drywall for soundproofing your walls or ceiling can be a very tricky job.

It is always being a very hot topic of debate regarding its cost efficiency and ease of installation.

Mass-loaded vinyl, drywall sheets have always been mostly the best soundproofing materials that are available in the market but QuietRock is better than double drywall in terms of sound blocking and cost.

Below, we will be learning about the different types of QuietRock sheetrock as well as double drywall panels.

What is QuietRock sheetrock?

QuietRock sheetrock is a soundproof product that is made up of viscoelastic polymers and two layers of gypsum.

It provides superior sound dampening abilities and exceeds those of the standard drywall panels. The gypsum layers help in blocking sound waves while the viscoelastic material in between the layers absorbs the vibrations.

Thus, this material is highly efficient in dissipating the noise and provides excellent results than normal synthetic rubbers or other polymers.

This product comes in a collection of different thicknesses and you can choose an option that works the best for you.

The QuietRock panels are tapered for mudding and easy taping and just like other normal sheets you can snap and score them. You can use these panels on the walls and the floors if you are looking for enhanced soundproofing.

Types of QuietRock panels

There are various types of QuietRock drywall panels that you can choose from.

QuietRock 510

It is the cheapest QuietRock panel and is ideal for you if you are looking for something within a specific budget. This panel comes with ½ inch thickness and measures 4/8, 9, and 12 inches.

These panels can be installed over the existing drywall hence even improving the STC (sound transmission class) rating.

The cost of a 4 by 8-inch panel of a QuietRock 510 is about 55 dollars.

QuietRock 530

The price of a panel of QuietRock 530 is twice as much as that of QuietRock 510.  Its performance for soundproofing is also pretty impressive and even better than that of the QuietRock 510.

The cost for a 4 by 8-inch panel is about 160 dollars.

QuietRock 545

This is a high performing panel that is specifically created for sound, theatres, and commercial studios.

The panel comes with 11 layers which are designed specially to block even low-frequency noises. These panels are 1-3 by 8 inches thick and 4 by 8 inches in size.

A 4 by 8-inch panel of this QuietRock will cost about 200 dollars.

QuietRock 545 RF

The QuietRock 545 RF has similar characteristics to that of the QuietRock 545.

However, the RF variety comes with additional shielding to prevent radio frequency penetration. These panels are great for information-sensitive and high-security locations.

These panels need to be installed properly to ensure success. Specialized skills for professionals are also necessary during installation of these on walls, floors, or ceilings and only a skill saw can be used to trim or cut the panels.

The panels cost about 350 dollars for a 4 by 8 inch.


These panels are 5/8 in thickness and they come in sheets of 4 by 8, 9, or 10 inches.

Like the name suggests, these sheets snap and score quickly and can be used in standard drywall for better soundproofing. An additional feature of these panels is that they are designed to attach to studs making them occupy minimal space after installation.

For a single panel, the price ranges from 60 to 65 dollars depending on the store you’re buying from.

EZ- SNAP mold resistant

This panel has characteristics that are similar to the EZ- SNAP variety but they have an additional feature which is the mold-resistant paper.

These sheets are very lightweight with 4 by 8 inches’ sheets weighing slightly over 83 pounds

In addition to all of those, these panels are ideal for damp areas like bathrooms, thanks to the mold resistant feature.

QuietRock installation

Installing QuietRock is pretty similar to that of the regular drywall installations. It should be fastened directly to the studs or with already existing drywall with appropriate screws.

A ¼-inch gap between the panels and the ceiling floor and adjacent wall is to be left that will be filled with acoustic calking.

QuietRock does provide better results than double drywall but it also has certain cons. It is expensive and very difficult to use for ceilings. It is also not that good for decoupling or blocking mechanical or impact noises.

Does QuietRock work?

QuietRock does work and it provides high-quality soundproofing. When compared to regular drywall, a single sheet of the most basic and affordable QuietRock product that is the QuietRock 510 provides similar sound dampening as 8 drywall sheets. From this, we can already conclude that QuietRock works better than drywall.

What is double-layer drywall soundproofing?

Two layers of the drywall make up for the double layer drywall.

Most drywalls come in a single layer and doubling is required for better soundproofing abilities.

Drywall has a lot of names in the market like gypsum board or panel plasterboard, sheetrock, wallboard. Plaster mixed with fibre gypsum layers and plasticizers is used for making drywall sheets. The drywall comes with tapered edges just like white rock panels. Various sizes and thicknesses are available for them in the market.

As expected, heavier varieties come with more mass while the lighter panels are something that can be very easy to work with and are flexible.

Building ceilings or using them as room dividers are some of the common uses of these sheets. They can also be installed on walls for better soundproofing purposes.

Types of double-layer drywall soundproofing

Just like QuietRock, drywall panels come in various varieties. The major 6 of them are mentioned below.

Regular drywall slash whiteboard

This is one of the most affordable types of drywall and it doesn’t cost too much. A 4 by 8-inch panel costs somewhere between 12 to 18 dollars.

Blue board

This type of drywall is mold and water-resistant. It is mostly used and highly recommended for bathrooms or other places where the humidity is pretty high. A 4 by 8 inch of this type of panel costs between 12 to 15 dollars.


This type of drywall comes with a green coating. The added coating is designed specially to make the board moisture resistant. It is best for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas. However, it is not water-resistant and exposing it to water will compromise its quality gradually.

A 4 by 8-inch panel of this board costs between 14 and 18 dollars.

Gypsum drywall

This drywall is different from most others because, unlike the others, this does not come with a paper material cover. Instead, these panels are covered with fibreglass. Fibreglass is an excellent sound-absorbing material.

It is both mold and moisture resistant and a 4 by 8-inch panel of this drywall costs between 12 to 60 dollars.

Type X drywall

This panel is thicker than most other varieties and is mostly used for soundproofing. It is also fire resistance for up to one hour as all its components are non-combustible fibre.

The cost for a 4 by 8-inch panel of this type ranges between 20 to 60 dollars, depending on what type of thickness you are going for.

Does double drywall reduce sound?

Drywall muffles the sound but does not completely block it. It is more effective in reducing the sound that is getting into your area. You can combine drywall with other forms of sound absorption for best results.

You can also double the type of drywall you are using or use green glue acoustic sealant between the layers of the double drywall for soundproofing. This glue also has sound absorbing properties and holds the panel together while enhancing its abilities.

QuietRock vs double drywall comparison

To decrease the sound transmission in or out of a room is the main aim while soundproofing an area. It will never be completely soundproof but it will be much quieter and will have minimal sound waves entering.

Time and money both are important factors whether renovating or building.  Adding QuietRock over an already existing layer of drywall will add more to the mass and also reduce a lot of sound transmissions. It will also improve the STC value points. Drywall mostly works best for airborne sounds but not impact or flanking noises.

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For any sort of sound reduction, there are four most important elements of controlling the sound- the adding mass, damping, absorption, and decoupling. Adding extra materials like fiberglass or rock wool which also helps in the sound absorption as more mass and damping will provide even better results. If space is a factor, we recommend QuietRock over double drywall as it takes up more floor space.

If you want to absolutely minimize the sound, double the drywall and add more viscoelastic materials like green glue or pair it up with QuietRock materials.

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  1. QuietRock sounds like a great way to soundproof a studio or home theater room. Double drywall does take up more space and I wouldn’t recommend it. Good information here, stuff that most experienced guys don’t even know.

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