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Which are the 10 Best Quiet Air Compressor in 2022?

If you are a professional, you will easily agree with us that one of the most essential tools required is an air compressor. They allow you to work with so many different kinds of tools and provide a lot of power that lasts for a day long.

However, one of the most important and real issues with them is that they can be extremely noisy but some models in the market are there that are very quiet.

Now as expected finding a good quiet air compressor is more easily said than done. You will need to research it and find the one that suits you best according to your needs.

To save your time and energy we have done all the research for you and below is a list of the top 10 best quiet compressors that you can choose from.

Top 10 Best Quiet Air Compressor Reviews

  1. California air tools quiet air compressor
  2. BOSTITCH Air compressor
  3. Stealth quiet air compressor
  4. DeWalt air compressor
  5. Makita air compressor
  6. Metabo air compressor
  7. Campbell Hausfeld portable quiet air compressor
  8. Senco portable hot dog compressor
  9. Briggs and Stratton quiet air compressor
  10. Excell Ultra quiet air compressor

California air tools quiet air compressor

The California air tools quiet compressor is one of the quietest air compressors in the industry producing a minimum of only 60 DB of sound. It is ultra-quiet and also oil-free. It has a powerful motor that operates at only 1680 RPM creating minimal noise and less wear. It is also designed to increase the duty cycle and allow for longer continuous runs.

The oil-free dual-piston pump system has high performance and durability and is designed to have a life cycle before wear of 3000 plus hours as opposed to other compatible air compressors with a life cycle of only 500 hours or less. It allows for use even in different temperatures or uneven terrains.

The aluminum rust-free air tank is lightweight and is very easy to transport. It is the ideal one for anyone working inside where noise can be one of the major issues.

Features of the product
It is ultra-quiet and produces only 60 DB
It has a very powerful motor
It has an oil-free pump which requires less maintenance and costs
It is a very lightweight air compressor
The tank is made up of aluminum and is rust-free
It has a built-in cooling feature that helps keep it from overheating
It is easily portable
Manufacturer: California Air Tools
Model number: 2010A
Item weight: 35.3 pounds
Product dimensions: 18.5 x 14 x 3.5 inches
Voltage: 110 volts
Ultra-quietNot a standard air coupler
Powerful motor 
Easy to maintain  
Easy to transport 

BOSTITCH Air compressor

The air compressor is one of the best within its affordable price range with some great specs. Some might say that it is the best quiet air compressor for the range.

A maximum pressure of 150 PSI with a high flow regulator can be reached which is great for running small pneumatic tools with an airflow of 2.6 standard cubic feet per minute.

Other features include an oil-free low-maintenance design and a 6-gallon air tank with plenty of volume for proper interruption-free working. Despite the large tank size, this tool is still lightweight and weighs just 29 pounds making it very easily portable.

It also operates at 78.5 DB and it’s quiet enough to be able to hear clearly to the person standing right next to it if they raise their voice a little. It also has two universal couplers for easy support of two users.

Features of the product
It is very durable and convenient as it has an oil-free and maintenance-free air pump
It has an easy start-up for cold weather or extension cord application with high efficiency motor
The regulators and couplers are high flow which maximizes the performance
It supports two simultaneous users with two universal couplers
It has a large tank of 6 gallons
 Manufacturer: Bostitch
 Model number: btfp02012
 Product dimensions: 17 x 17 x 19.2 inches
 Item weight: 31 pounds
 Host length: 25 feet
Oil-free and low maintenanceLouder and slower to fill
Large 6-gallon air tank 
Easily portable 

Stealth quiet air compressor

The 20-gallon model for the Stealth air compressor has a peak power of 1.8 horsepower. The working noise, however, is still 68 DB only. Compared to the standard induction motors, it has been tested to have 3 times longer lifetime. It also has a cold weather start and a low voltage start and it can support almost all the air tool accessories like inflation/cleaning tools, finishing nailer, framing nailer, dye grinder, etc.

The heavy-duty design with Q235B special alloy also has the ultra-quiet dual piston pump.

It also has a limited lifetime warranty provided by the US local company and service team.

Overall it is very hard to beat this perfect mix of quiet operation quick filling tank and substantial airflow.

Features of the product
 It is ultra-quiet and has 3 times long life
It has a very powerful motor that generates 1.8 horsepower power
It has a long life cycle working hours of more than 1000H
Supports a wide variety of machines
It has an easy cold start and is pretty sturdy with cute 235 b metal alloy
Manufacturer: Stealth
Model number: SAQ- 12018
Product dimensions: 20 x 18 x 42 inches
Item weight: 121.4 pounds
Voltage: 120 volts
 Ultra-quietTakes up space
 Quick connecting coupler 
 20-gallon massive tank 
  Powerful motor of 1.8 horsepower 

DeWalt air compressor

The default air compressor’s high-performance operation components can easily power the air tools for construction jobs as well as for household applications. It features a 1-gallon tank and a 2.6-amp motor to deliver 0.75 SCFM at 135 PSI max. This results in a high surge performance and the high flow regulator of the compressor provides maximum air pressure that enhances the performance of the machine.

Even after all of this work, the sound stays at just 69 DB, making it one of the quietest air compressors.

The oil-free operation of this compressor also makes it easy to maintain. It is also very sturdy but not bulky. It weighs about 24 pounds and is extremely easy to carry.

Features of the product
It is made with durable lightweight construction
Its working noise is around 69 DB, making it very quiet
It is oil-free and hence low maintenance
It weighs very less and is easily portable
Provides versatile and high performance
Manufacturer: DeWalt
Model number: D55140
Product dimensions: 48 * 40 * 41 inches
Item weight: 29.7 pounds
Maximum pressure: 290
LightweightSmall tank size and takes time to fill
69 DB minimal operating volume 
Low maintenance oil-free design 

Makita air compressor

Makita air compressors are user-friendly for the faster recovery time, low noise, longer tool life, and consistent performance. It combines strong performance with less noise. It is a minimum of 60 DB. It is perfect for indoor use during case and base installation trim, and finish carpentry cabinet of furniture making, and more.

It runs at a very low RPM resulting in longer motor and pump life. It also features a lightweight design for increased portability and the roll cage construction provides added protection for the pump and motor assembly during transformation in storage and on the job site.

It also features an oil-free dual-piston pump designed for maintenance-free operation and also has a low amp draw to reduce the incidence of tripped breakers at startup.

Features of the product
It has a cord wrap for convenient AC power cord storage
The complete roll cage construction design protects the pump and the motor assembly
It has a lever handle tank drain for easy air tank release
It runs at a lower RPM
It is a very quiet machine that is ideal for indoor use
Manufacturer: Makita
Model number: MAC210Q
Product dimensions: 17.52 * 18.31 * 14.76 inches
Item weight: 44 pounds
Maximum pressure: 135 pounds per square inch
60 DB operating volumeBig and heavy
Protected by complete Roll cage construction 
Oil-free, low maintenance 
Low RPM operation for a longer lifespan 

Metabo air compressor

Metabo air compressor is first in the low noise series that produces just 59 DB of sound. It is so quiet that a normal conversation can be easily heard while the compressor is already cycling nearby. It has an industrial level oil-free pump making it very low maintenance and a 2.8-amp direct drive induction motor for a longer life.

The motor is protected by an overload protection circuit that cuts off the power immediately in case of an overload situation hence, saving the machine from damage. It is extremely compact and weighs just 25.2 lbs and has an ergonomically shaped rubber carrying handle making it easier to transport around.

The factory-installed universal quick coupler is protected by the steel roll cage design. This quiet compressor has zero setup time and it’s ready to go straight out of the box.

Features of the product
It allows for easy and accurate PSI adjustments
Provides comfort during transport and protects all the critical components
Absorbs shock and reduces vibration and minimizes crawling
It has quick couplers for easy one-handed host connection
Manufacturer: Koki holdings America, Ltd
Model number: EC28M
Product dimensions: 14 * 14 * 13.5 inches
Item weight: 25.2 pounds
Voltage: 115 volts
Super quiet operating volume of 59 DBQuality control of the product can be improved
Steel roll cage protection 
Low maintenance in oil-free pump 
Easily portable 

Campbell Hausfeld portable quiet air compressor

Campbell Hausfeld makes it very easy to finish your projects like a professional. This quiet compressor was designed to be one of the quietest air compressors in the industry it works at a minimal sound of just 68 DB which provides a very quiet work environment.

It has an oil-free, maintenance-free pump designed for durability and long life.

This compressor boosts a maximum PSI of 125 and it is idle for a variety of different projects like nailing, bolting, stapling, fastening.

It has a portable 8-gallon pancake tank and the unit is designed for a user-friendly experience.  The low maintenance pump is one of the major key components that last up to 4 times longer than those of the conventional oil-free air compressors.

Features of the product
It is up to 50% quieter than the conventional compressors
It has an oil-free and low maintenance pump and induction motor
It has a very powerful motor with a PSI of 125
It is also lightweight and slim and portable
Manufacturer: Campbell Hausfeld
Model number: DC060500
Product dimensions: 16 * 23 * 16 inches
Item weight: 62 pounds
Voltage: 120 volts
Runs at 68 DBIt has several leaky fittings
Oil-free low maintenance pump 
6-gallon tank 
125 PSI max pressure 

Senco portable hot dog compressor

The Senco one-gallon hot dog portable compressor is a compact lightweight hand carry, sturdy, powerful, oil-free, and low maintenance. It is just 21 lbs making it very easy to carry around.

The gauges on the control panel are very easy to read and the integrated control panel is designed for easy access and straightforward operation. It has an ultra-quiet 68 DB noise level operation. The induction motor and the oil-free pump require no regular maintenance.

The air intake in this compressor does not need to be replaced and is reusable and requires cleaning with its ventilation opening free from obstructions. Warm soapy water can be used to clean it.

Features of the product
It boasts a one-gallon tank and Max pressure of 135 PSI
It’s induction motor and pump or oil-free and does not require regular maintenance
It has a very compact design and its easily portable due to its lightweight
Manufacturer: Senco
Model number: PC1010N
Project dimensions: 11 * 14 * 12 inches
Item weight: 21 pounds
Voltage: 115 volts
Maintenance-free designLooses pressure very easily
21 pounds lightweight 
68 DB operating volume 

Briggs and Stratton quiet air compressor

Briggs and Stratton are known for making engines at a pretty reasonable price. It features a four-pole induction motor operating at only 1700 RPM.

It uses two pumps making the airflow evenly distributed resulting in a very quiet machine. This motor lasts 3 times longer than the standard air compressors. They also have an added convenience of an oil-free pump. It has a longer unit life and is also pretty energy efficient.

The control panel and the switches make it very easy to operate even for beginners. It also has a quick-connect coupler and built-in storage.

The air tank of this quiet compressor is 4.5 gallons. It is the perfect tool for any professional as it provides high performance for any sort of job.

This compressor works at 70 DB of sound.

Features of the product
It is claimed to be 80% quieter than a standard oil-free air compressor
It has an extended lifetime which is 3 times longer than any other compressors
It is oil-free and low maintenance
The compressor remains stable and does not vibrate too much
It is energy efficient and the motor does not require high amperage to start
Manufacturer: Alton industries
Model number: 074045-00
Product dimensions: 20 * 17 * 23 inches
Item weight: 16.9 pounds
Voltage: 120 volts
4 CFM airflow at 90 PSIIs not very easily portable
Oil-free and low maintenanceSlow to fill and quick to empty

Excell Ultra quiet air compressor

This compressor has a 2-gallon air tank and works at a minimum of 61 DB which brings less noise into the work environment.

Using the heavy-duty pump and motor this unit achieves long life but zero maintenance.

It has a roll cage design to protect all the vehicle components and a compact design for easy transport and storage.

This compressor features an efficient dual-pump design that operates at significantly low speeds hence resulting in less wear and tear on moving parts. It has a longevity 4 times than that of any typical oil-free compressor.

Features of the product
It works at  only 61 DB
It lives up to 4 times than that of any Standard oil-free compressor
It is oil-free and requires minimal maintenance
It consists of a heavy-duty direct drive induction motor
Manufacturer: Excell air compressors
Model number: SAC22HPE
Item weight: 40 pounds
Product dimensions: 18.9 * 17.8 * 14.8 inches
Voltage: 90 volts
Quiet compressorNot easily portable
High PSI threshold 
Easy to maintain 


There are a lot of different air compressors in the market today and the ones mentioned above considered are some of the best ones when it comes to quiet air compressors.

These compressors provide a mix of quiet operation and usable performance within a range of the budget. All these compressors are advertised as ultra-quiet however, some of them are not so much.

This list comprises various compressors and some of these are ultra-quiet, some are powerful, some have larger tanks while some others are easily portable. You can choose from these according to your requirements.


Which air compressor is the quietest?

The California air tool ultra-quiet air compressor is the best overall air compressor.

How many DBs Is a quiet air compressor?

60 DBs or below is considered quiet air compressors.

How silent is a silent compressor?

A loud noise or sound is measured by its DB rating. The higher this figure is, the louder is the compressor when in use. For commercial air compressors, low noise DB ratings are usually considered between the range of 40 to 60 DB.

Can you make an air compressor quiet?

Wrapping the motor, covering the intake with a muffler should lessen the noise a compressor makes. You can also try putting rubber grommets around.

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