Best Additive To Quiet Engine Noise

Top 9 Best Additive To Quiet Engine Noise In 2022

If you feel like your noisy engine is making you crazy, you can consider an engine treatment before spending a lot of money at the mechanic shop.

Your engine probably needs some additive to the engine oil that you are providing it. Engine oil additives lubricate, clean, and protect your engine irrespective of whether the engine is gasoline or diesel. They also enhance the performance of the engine and help in smooth running.

However, with a wide variety of different types of oil additives in the market, it can be very difficult and time-consuming to look through all of these to find the one that fits best for your vehicle.

Don’t worry, we have gone through all of those products to come up with the top 9 oil additives that can fit almost all vehicles and serve a lot of other purposes than just lubricating the engine.

Top 9 Best Additive To Quiet Engine Noise reviews

  1. Archoil AR9100 Oil Additive
  2. Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil Additive
  3. Liqui Moly 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive
  4. Redline 81403 Engine Break-In Oil
  5. Zmax 51-212 Engine Formula
  6. Bestline Premium Synthetic Engine Treatment
  7. Tribotex Nano-Oil Additive Car Engine Treatment
  8. Rislone Nano Prime Synthetic Engine And Oil Additive
  9. XADO Engine Oil Additive For Worn Metal Surfaces

Archoil AR9100 oil additive

One of the best additives to quiet engine noise is the Archoil AR 9100 oil additive.

It is a very reliable friction modifier designed for diesel and gasoline engines, hydraulics, gearboxes, and differentials.

It not only eliminates the engine noise but also makes sure that you experience no problem while starting the engine regardless of how cold it is.

As a result of cold weather, to misfire in the 7.3L and 6L power stroke engine is very common for the HEUI injector. However, this oil additive warms up the engine eliminating the cold start problem.

It also forms a lubricating layer that allows the gear to tolerate more pressure hence, making the engine more durable. It also enhances engine performance by helping reduce carbon deposits.

Features of the product
It fixes the 6.0 l and 7.3 power stroke cool start injector problem
It reduces wear and tear and extends component life
Produces the engine noise, vibration, and heat
It is fit for all diesel and gasoline engines, gearboxes, and hydraulics
Manufacturer: Archoil
Model number: FBA_AR9100- 16
Product dimension: 10 x 10 x 10 inches
Item Weight: 1 pound
Protects and extends the life of engine componentsHas unintended side effects
Smoother and quieter vehicle operation 
Keeps the engine clean 

Marvel MM13R mystery oil

Marvel mystery lubricating oil is perfectly safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. If you replace 20% of your engine oil with marvel mystery oil, it can lead to improved fuel economy.

When added to the gas, it cleans and lubricates fuel injectors and carburetors, improves gasoline mileage extends the spark plug life reduces and prevents varnish and build-up.

When added to oil, it prevents the valve from sticking and clattering, fortifies the properties of engine oil, also prevents breakdowns that are caused by extreme temperatures, reduces and prevents the formation of acid and sludge, and promotes easier cold weather starts.

A well-lubricated engine produces very little noise and improves the overall gas mileage. Marvel mystery oil is a very versatile oil additive that can work with any kind of oil and engine type.

Features of the product
It improves compression power and mpg
It lubricates the upper cycle for smoother idling
It also keeps the engine clean from sludge
Manufacturer: Marvel mystery oil
Model number: MM13
Product dimensions: 2.25 x 4.5 x 10.25 inches
Item weight: 1.96 pounds
Very versatile oil additiveCostly
Easier cold weather starts 
Prevents gum build-up 
Improves gasoline mileage 

Liqui Moly 20004 hydraulic lifter additive

Liqui Moly Hydraulic lifter additive dampens the noise produced by hydraulic lifters. It cleans the valves and holes in the lifter and promotes optimum operation.

You can add it to engine oil, and it works for all gasoline and diesel engines with and without turbocharging. It is tested for compatibility with catalytic converters.

It is the ideal engine formula that has been designed for lubricating ducts and circuits present in the engine. There are minimal to no adverse side effects of using this product on your engine and it is a safe additive that reduces engine wear and tear.

It is a very versatile product and can be easily used with both diesel and gasoline engines. One bottle is enough to be used with 1.6 liters of engine oil.

Features of the product
Improves the lubrication properties of the oil
It cleans valve bores
It is suitable for use in vehicles with turbochargers in vehicles with catalytic converters
It prevents engine noises caused by hydraulic tappets
Manufacturer: Liqui Moly
Model number: 20004
Product dimensions: 4.72 x 2.36 x 2.36 inches
Item weight: 10.6 ounces
Works very well in vehicles with or without turbochargingIncreases oil pressure a little
Improves properties of oil 
Promotes accurate function of hydraulic lifters 
Reduces wear 

Redline 81403 engine break-in oil

This engine oil additive combines the power of phosphorus and zinc for providing the best performance.

The two compounds in this oil additive give a big leap to the car engine performance. The valve train and the entire engine are taken care of by the anti-wear components in this additive.

As a result, the noises due to friction reduce a lot and the engine, in general, becomes a lot quieter on start-up as well as while driving. It also maintains low temperatures.

Like any other standard oil additive, this product also cleans the engine components. A single 16-ounce bottle is enough to treat 12 quarts, making it very economical and cost-effective. It is compatible with all motor oils.

Features of the product
These products on exceptionally high order fulfillment rates, breadth of available products
It fits perfectly according to the vehicle type
It makes the engine components much cleaner
It is compatible with all of the motor oils present in the market
Manufacturer: Redline
Model number: Redline
Product dimensions: 9.25 x 2.75 x 2.75 inches
Item weight: 9.9 ounces
Cost-effectiveFuel efficiency doesn’t improve too much
Reduces noises 
Prevents wear and tear 

zMax 51-212 engine formula

The max is a product that transforms a very noisy ride into a smooth and quiet ride. It has micro lubricant particles in this oil additive and it not only eliminates the floating rust in the car engine but also rids it of the layered rust on it.

In addition to this, the additive also lubricates the engine parts hence, reducing the friction which may cause wear on individual parts. A 12-ounce bottle is enough to cover 7 quarts of oil.

The ability to soak into the metal and reduce the engine deposits results in extended engine life, increased gas mileage, improved performance, reduced emissions, and increased horsepower.

It can be used in new or used gasoline or diesel engines.

Features of the product
It extends the life of your engine by reducing deposit build-up and boosting the performance
It increases the engine efficiency
The oil additive improves the fuel mileage
It has a reputable quality and performance
Manufacturer: zMax
Model number: 51- 212
Product dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 8.25 inches
Item Weight: 15.2 ounces
Improves lubricityNot much improvement in the mileage when the car is loaded to capacity
Boosts performance 
Protects vital parts of the vehicle 
Cost-saving and eco friendly 

BestLine premium synthetic engine treatment

Vehicles are very big investments and consistent maintenance is the key to being able to trust them for a long time. It takes more than an oil change every 3000 miles to keep the cars or trucks or motorcycles running smoothly.

Bestline uses nanodiamond lubricant technology that makes this additive unique and structured for maximum benefit in reducing the friction and wear of heavily loaded metallic surfaces in sliding contact.

No solids, no Teflon, or any other old-school ingredients are used here and only the latest high-quality additives are used in the Bestline formulas.

It is a premium synthetic engine treatment and it also cleans and treats all the internal components.

It improves fuel economy and performance and also protects the system against any sort of corrosion. It fortifies against oxidation and thermal breakdown.

Features of the product
It cleans the internal components
It reduces the friction temperature and wears
It improves fuel economy
It lubricates the internal components of automotive engines and systems
Manufacturer: Bestline
Model number: 853796001047
Dimensions: 7.5 x 3.5 x 2 inches
Item Weight: 1.2 pounds
Long-lasting engineNo improvement in gas mileage
Visible benefits 
Universally compatible 
100% pure synthetic 

TriboTEX Nano-oil additive car engine treatment

TriboTEX can make your car engine, motorcycle, diesel truck, or any other machine quieter, last longer, run better, and smoother.

Doesn’t matter what you drive or how you use it, bearings in a machine especially engines wear away from use and become very noisy but one TriboTEX treatment can replace this wear of the metal with a strong coating that endures multiple oil changes. With this oil additive, you will enjoy your vehicle for much longer.

The nano flex in this additive attaches to the metal surfaces with the sticky side down particle by particle leaving the slick sides facing outwards. After almost 500 miles of driving, a diamond-like carbon coating is formed that reverses the wears and repairs the bearings.

This coating is very smart and only forms on metal-bearing surfaces. It reduces friction 10 times better than normal engine oils alone. It is also nontoxic, safe, and made by scientists in the USA.

Add the additive to your engine oil. It may also be added to a warmed-up or cold engine and is easiest to add during an oil change. The smart ceramic coating forms while you drive.

You will have to allow at least 500 miles of normal driving to notice the full benefits of this. However, always check your oil levels and change them regularly.

Features of the product
It provides a very quiet and smooth ride
It enhances the performance of the engine oil
It improves fuel consumption and reduces engine noise
It is compatible with all types of motor oil and can be used in gas or diesel engines
Manufacturer: TriboTEX LLC
Model number: TriboTEX
Product dimensions: 6.95 x 1.4 x 0.7 inches
Item Weight: 1.5 ounces
Reverses wear in bearingsNo noticeable difference in the mileage
Compatible with all types of motor oil 
Reduces engine noise 

Rislone nano prime synthetic engine and oil additive

Rizolone nano prime synthetic engine oil additive is something that is perfect for both new and older vehicles. It gives the extra protection needed for today’s lighter-weight oils.

It is an engine treatment that you need to add to your oil to obtain the benefits. It both treats and protects the metal from the friction caused by the constant pressure on it and also reduces the wear and tear and adds years to your engine.

It clears away any build-up, sludge in an engine and further silences the engine noise. Each bottle of this product can treat up to 4.5 to 7 quarts of oil and hence a single bottle is sufficient enough for the vast majority of engines.

This treatment also makes your vehicle fuel efficient by adding efficiency that is provided by the extra lubrication.

Features of the product
This unique Rislone additive user fully formulated GF- 5/son- rated synthetic motor oil career that is backward-compatible with all vehicles
It helps improve mileage and performance and decreases emissions
The formula is enhanced with synthetic additives including nan-tungsten and Moly friction modifiers.
Manufacturer: Rislone
Model number: Rislone
Project dimensions: 2 x 3.5 x 7.81 inches
Item weight: 1.1 pounds
Treats metalNil
Protects engine 
Fuel efficient 
Lubricates surfaces 

XADO engine oil additive for worn metal surfaces

It is a new generation additive specially formulated for anti-wear engine treatment in SUVs, light trucks, buses with an oil system capacity of up to 10 quarts.

Due to Revitalizant, the product reduces friction rebuilds the worn-out metal in the engine parts, and creates protective coating against future wear hence, providing tools-free restoration and anti-wear protection.

The application of the XADO engine oil additive prolongs the life of your engine and allows avoiding expensive repairs in the future. The product forms a protective metal-ceramic coating on the surfaces of the tilting and actuating mechanisms and switchgear.

Features of the product
Rebuilds wore out engine metal and reverse the metal wear and tear
Increases the power and acceleration
Reduces fuel consumption
Protects metal parts from overheating or overloading
Decreases noise and vibrations
Manufacturer: XADO
Model number: XADO
Package Dimensions: 10.7 x 4.2 x 4 inches
Item Weight: 1.15 pounds
Repairs engine servicesNil
Protects against overloading and overheating 
Lowers fuel consumption 
Extends lifespan 

Selecting factors to choose best additive to quiet engine noise

Before buying an oil additive, certain factors need to be considered. These factors taken into consideration gives the best oil additive that meets the requirements of your car engine perfectly.

  • Viscosity – Depending on the size of the openings of the tubes in your car, the choice between the thick and the thin oil varies. While the thickest oil additive is considered the best it all boils down to the openings inside the car engine.
    If you see that your car engine has narrow openings or tubes, a slightly thinner additive will be perfect. For an engine with wider openings, a thicker oil additive will be the best.

However, the viscosity of the additive doesn’t have any effect on the thickness of the engine oil that you are using.

  • Additive composition – Before purchasing any type of oil additive it is very important to check the ingredients. It will help you narrow down precisely what you need for your car.

Different ingredients in these additives serve different purposes and also affect the engine differently.
For example, zinc is an ingredient present in additives that boosts engine performance and when an additive with this ingredient is added, it will not only keep the engine quiet but also will improve the performance.

  • Mile per gallon increase- A good oil additive should lubricate the engine, reduce friction, prevent wear and tear and also make the car run smoothly. These factors may seem enough but it doesn’t hurt to invest in an additive that would also boost the performance of your engine.

There are many companies that advertise their products as EPA approved or endorsed. Keep in mind that these are most likely to be scams as EPA does not endorse or approve or even certify additives.

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Mentioned above are some of the best additives to quiet engine noise. They not only make the engine run more silent but also provide a lot of other benefits like improving the performance and preventing the wear and tear on engine components.

Many of these oil additives even repair the wear and tear in the engine components over time by creating a metal-ceramic layer. Going through all these endless amounts of options for engine additives and treatments can be time-consuming as well as overwhelming.

You may even be wondering if they work or they are just marketing scams. There is no miraculous cure for all of the vehicle woes but these aren’t absolutely useless either.

They do serve the purpose that they promise to and also come with some more added benefits. They truly decrease the noise output of your engine and also cater to other additional problems.

For oil clumping and carbon deposits, any additive that is a detergent will clear away pesky sludge. Almost all of the above-mentioned options have cleaning abilities but do double-check the description to make sure you’re buying the treatment that will benefit you.

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